Thursday, July 12, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Live!

The show you've all been waiting for! (though I think you'd need a time machine to see it)

I saw the neon on the cover and thought 'that looks more like apples than strawberries...' (see below)

No idea who all those other characters are. Different types of Shortcake? :p

Ah, I see. (see above)

Good thing they wrote out which songs are on which side, or I would've had to look at the label on the record itself! :o Nice typo there. Oh, and there's an obligatory rap song, of course.

More info on Strawberry Shortcake here. I'd link to the official site, but it's just shillsville, and you learn nothing about the history of the character. You'll see how disturbingly updated they look now too. It's no longer cute when you try to make them look like pop stars!

Click here for a strawberry shortcake recipe! (in case you don't remember what a simple dessert it is)

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