Monday, July 16, 2012

More from Kermit Schafer

Yep, another great blooper album from the mighty Kermit Schafer! Fun cover. :) Unlike the K-tel "Super Bloopers" album I previously posted, they don't have the word 'censored' plastered all over it. A bit more classy, I dare say.

Some nice info here. Details below...

Ah, the days when you could say 'boners' without every pre-teen/teen giggling...

Dick Clark took over the reins, so to speak, when Mr. Schafer died. Who will take over for Mr. Clark? The true blooper albums and/or TV specials seem to have died off a bit, I'm afraid, especially in this age of YouTube and living bloopers like the casts of so many reality TV shows, where bloopers are so readily available. It used to feel special in the past. Still can if they do it right! I hope they revive the concept sometime, perhaps even with a tribute show to Dick Clark's long reign as the host of TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes.

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  1. Ah, back in the days before the internet and infomecials. When you saw 30 second ads for theses on Independent Stations late night.

    Great post.


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