Friday, July 6, 2012

Hosers, part two

Yes, Bob and Doug had another album, but it is not, I repeat not, their second album! ;)

Must've been fun for the artist to paint this one. :)

"Hey, that's the loony bin, eh?!"

As with the Great White North album, the sleeve is a mock newspaper, this one being full of references to the movie. Notice how it says "Second Album Still Missing"? It still is... :(

By clothing definition, not a hoser, even during winter. :p

I also have the single from the movie, featuring Dave Thomas' brother Ian and his band performing the title song. The other track is called "Another Strange Brew." Always room for more beer, huh guys? Heh.

Odd placement of the soundtrack album. Looks like Doug is pressing it against a window they're standing in front of or something.

More info on Bob and Doug here.

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