Saturday, October 31, 2015

Brought to you by the letter K[-tel]

Wasn't aware this had happened. Pretty cool!

Chris? I kinda recognize him, but the name is lost on me. Is he supposed to be Paul Williams? :p

Thanks for unwittingly donating to my collection, Tricia. ;) Too bad you ripped the cover, though.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pre-Sneeder Sneeze?

There are maybe 3 people on this planet that may get the title reference, but bear with me and that number will expand by several, I hope.

Nice colorful cover courtesy of Gordon! I like the name of the record company, too. Fred Penner is a legendary Canadian children's entertainer, but this was well before he really hit it big by getting his own long-running TV show.

More nice drawrings by Lori-Anne (featuring a literal ghost rider and a retractable[?] lasso) and Dale, who went with a Patrick Star sort of motif years before Patrick Star even existed! Oh, I should point out that Al Simmons, who played banjo on this, is kind of a big deal himself!

The Sneeder Sneeze I mentioned is a reference to the jaw/mouth/Jew's/etc... harp, that funny little instrument that kinda goes 'sneeder sneeze' if you play it a certain way, such as in the intro to Fred's TV show. (right around 1:07 in the video below) Behold...

He had ditched the only-steampunk-weirdos-and-just-plain-weirdos-wear-them-nowadays mustache at that point and grown himself a normal-man-not-a-guy-trying-to-prove-he's-a-man-nowadays that point. (yeah, I'm no fan of hipster beards...or their haircuts, fashion sense and even 'look at me!' attitude in general)

My brother met Fred a few years ago and we were all annoyed that he didn't get a picture with him! He gets pictures with lots of people I couldn't care less about, but no Fred?! Come on! :p

P.S. I know this is adding to an already wordy post, but you may have noticed the pics are a little bigger. Well, I finally got a bigger monitor and since everyone else had bigger monitors than me already, well, now we can all enjoy bigger pictures. And whatnot.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Misleading cover

I saw this and thought 'Psychedelic rock? Psychedelic PROG rock, I hope?'...

...but no, Brian Browne does standard jazz. Played very well, mind you, but I got more excited about that cover than I would've under normal jazz circumstances. *shrug*

Well, well... I've been trying to find this original cover, but no dice so far. I'm guessing it's less spacy!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Body to Body

At first glance, I figured this was just another el cheapo K-tel-like compilation album, but no. (not that that makes it any better, mind you...) I got it cuz I like the airbrushy art style.

Heh heh, "Moon Boots". I had a pair of those way back when, much like the ones you've seen Napoleon Dynamite wearing. Oh, and I'm guessing "Disc Mussorgsky" should be Disco.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

My first proxy post!

Or whatever one calls this sort of 

Anyway, our mutual friend Retro Hound kindly took some pics of a couple of Dave & Sugar albums he found in his thrifting travels for me to post here as a sort of follow-up to this classic (?). I had planned on doing this long ago, but had computer problems for quite a while and wasn't really able. Earlier today, I thought 'hey, I never did that proxy post!' Now I'm not not doing it!

Anyway (again), here they are! (not here [there] here, but rather, below [this sentence])

Whoa, very hairy here! Impressive do, and I think his five o'clock shadow has a five o'clock shadow. His chest does, anyway.

I'm glad it's full body shots on the back, or else we couldn't have seen those glorious boots!

Very clean-shaven, but still impressively coiffed. Dave, I mean.

Nice pic. :) Very low with the smarm quotient.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Conniff's Cutie, Part 2

A follow-up to this post...which came immediately before this one. Quite handy. (?)

Hmm, I see the stripes on that flag at the front, but where are the stars?

There's the man, looking sharp.

I have other Conniff albums, so more Cuties will likely appear. You have been warned.