Monday, May 18, 2015

Were they fooled too?

I found this amidst a ton of religious records at a Sally Ann:

Cool cover. I have a feeling, based on where it was in the record bins, that the people who bought it thought maybe it was a religious album. I thought so at first too.

Hmm, the band looks like typical 80s hair metal, but that doesn't mean anything. Stryper looked like that, with bonus yellow strypes, of course.

The song titles don't sound religious at all. Hmm...

Turns out Kingdom Come was a controversial album/group, called a Led Zeppelin rip-off, including by Jimmy Page himself. (bit of a kettle/pot/black situation, innit, Jimmy?) Whatever. It's good.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

French Sesame Street is weird!

But then again, I suppose every non-American (or even Canadian) version would seem a little strange compared to the original.

This is the short-lived version from France. More info here.

Full book, including appearances by Macaron (not mentioned in that Wiki article), their version of Cookie Monster. Of course, a macaron is a type of cookie, so it fits. :)

Another shot of Toccata (Big Bird) and Mordicus (a very Grover-looking Oscar the Grouch). Mordicus sounds like a supervillain name, not a lovable children's show character. You will bow down before Mordicus!