Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get your fill of The Phillips

CLASSIC religious family cover or what?!

Picture from the back. Notice that the parents have no names. (unless those are their names, which would be really weird...) Anything to it? (nah...) Pretty fancy chair mom is sitting on!

Produced by Doug McKenzie!
 'Beauty album, eh?'

Alrighty, then.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Please tell me someone out there gets the title reference when they see what this album is... ;)

Bent Fabric! Great name. More on it here. (and it makes perfect sense!)

Bit of a biography on the back, as is the norm.

Now, still wondering about the "Bananas!" thing? Well, I...think I'll still let people find that out for themselves. ;) In the meantime, here is the song "Alley Cat". You'll probably recognize it almost instantly.

Friday, May 17, 2013

K-tel's Music Machine

Well, this cover was a pleasant surprise for me, especially as I love Forbidden Planet!

This could've been a great cover, but because of the pictures of the singers at the bottom, I feel it falls into the 'good, but could've been great' category. ;) Must've been from some publicity shoot. (I would imagine there are many copies of the robot out there, so this could've been for anything!)

Again, could've been great, and in a way is kinda cooler than the front cover in that he looks like a DJ here (what a sound system!), but marred again by the extra pictures. Still, nice packaging overall!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Long before he went crazy...

...Mel Gibson was in such classics as the Mad Max movie. In this case, Beyond Thunderdome...

Surprisingly, the DVDs and Blu-rays of this movie use this cool cover art too! So many times, they make some stupid new cover featuring a shot of the main character superimposed over a flashy logo that bears no resemblance to anything in the movie or original art. :(

Typical movie stills/song lyrics gatefold. Didn't have to be a gatefold, so this is a nice touch.

Nothing special on the back, though the large image is eye-catching. I've actually still only seen the original. Liked it, didn't love it.

Here's the video for Tina Turner's memorable hit "We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)":

What a voice! :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Uh oh, more dancercising!

I've posted Barbie Allen's first album (here) and here is the long awaited (?) sequel.

All those smiles are completely spontaneous, right? :p 

If you checked out the first album, you'll have noticed by now that they felt the need to split up the word 'dancercise' into its component words, because, uh...people are dumb? Heh.

Dig them stylin' togs!

So many shiny, happy people. Barbie look like she's just about to start crying in that top pic.

Sample of the instruction booklet. (obviously)

What?! They sell other things too?

YOWZA! $38.00 for the dance sweats! That's 1981 money. According to an online inflation calculator, that would be $97.31 in 2013! Not to mention the shipping price, of course.