Friday, April 26, 2013

Joe Maphis' mighty axe!

In collecting records, I've often found that religious covers have some of the coolest instruments! Joe Maphis (<-- 2 links with info about him) is certainly among those with some great custom gear. (this is just one of his religiously themed albums; he was an overall country star first and foremost) Check this out!

Massively eye-catching, Partridge Family bus-esque cover, don'tcha think? Let's have a closer look at that guitar (with which he played some of the fastest, most impressive country pickin' ever heard!)...

Mosrite Special. Nice choice! I've just had a look on eBay for one and there is actually a Joe Maphis double-neck signature model on there right now! (here) Asking price is $3,390.00. That is common for Mosrites now, which all seem to go for big money. Saw some that were double this price or more while looking!

Here's a pic from the back cover of Joe with his mighty axe:

 He reminds me of someone. An actor? Hmm... Any suggestions?

Here he is playing "Fire on the Strings" (he apparently plays the fiddle and banjo on it as well):

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bootsy's cutey

Nice cover! :) The purple light looks cool.

The inside is fairly typical; it features Boots doing his thing, and tells you about his other albums. But wait a second, I do believe this is a gatefold... ;)

Yep. Very cool. Great vest.

Here's a video of Boots' greatest hit, the one we all know, "Yakety Sax":

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Streak!

Not talking most consecutive games played/games with a hit/foul shots made/whatever here. We're talking...

Boogity, Boogity! It's Ray Stevens, featuring his big hit (among many), "The Streak"! Don't look, Ethel! :)

There are his clothes. Probably 99% polyester. ;)

Here's the official video for "The Streak":

Heh heh.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Babes Behind Bars

I bet that's the title of a movie... *checks IMDb* Yep. Well, the title of a TV episode, anyway.

Only one bar on the front. So anyway, yeah, fairly sexist. :p How about the back?

Two bars! And also chained up.

The inside of this gatefold album (which he popularized, apparently!) is fairly nondescript except for the area that gives the info. I usually show that anyway, but I've included the elephants. Heh.

More info on Enoch Light here.

Here's a great upbeat version of "My Favorite Things"! I really like it. It's actually informative, too. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013


Give it up, guys, she's clearly...unimpressed. ;) But I am, as these guys are great!

I like it when liner notes by comedic acts are actually funny! :)

I love this part from the credits...

Was she on loan from his stable, if you will? :p

Since, yet again, I can't link to the Homer & Jethro video I wanted to ("Nashville Cats" with Johnny Cash, here), here's another (which is better, actually!):

"The Battle of Kookamonga"

More info on this fun, funny duo here. :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ronco's Walt Disney

Cool beans, Ronco!
Nice cover! I doubt it was made just for this compilation, but still. I only have 2 of the original 8 cutouts and no lyric sheet. Still, to have 2 of the cutouts from a kiddie album after all this time is impressive, in a way.

There are the cutouts. Kinda neat to see the two elephants on the back, as you'd usually only see main characters. (well, I only think of Dumbo from the movie, anyway...) There's a cat from The Aristocats, too. I can't remember if I've seen it. 

Great selection! But what is this Song of the South? ;) I have this weird feeling like some 'powers that be' are trying to withold it from people... (but seriously, I saw it at the movie theater in 1986 during its final run)

I guess the kid that had this album before me pretty much ignored this warning. :p

Update, Dec. 10, 2017: At the bottom of this post, I originally linked to Song of the South in its entirety on YouTube. Unsurprisingly, it's long gone. If you really want to see it, it's still out there, even if you have to watch bits and pieces of it from different users.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do not adjust your set...

...the cover really is this blurry!

Well, at least the text is clear. Perhaps the blurriness is part of the illusion? Get it? The Illusion? Because they're called...oh, nevermind.

Varying levels of clarity on the back of this, their second album. They look like members of the Joan Jett fan club. (or vice-versa?) Heh. More info on the band here and here. It may not be a coincidence that I got this album by this Long Island band from the same stack as my album by The Good Rats, also from Long Island. Hmm...maybe there's a New Yorker in my town.

Here's their biggest hit, "Did You See Her Eyes":

Very cool! :D

And here's the opening track to this album, "How Does it Feel?":