Friday, April 26, 2013

Joe Maphis' mighty axe!

In collecting records, I've often found that religious covers have some of the coolest instruments! Joe Maphis (<-- 2 links with info about him) is certainly among those with some great custom gear. (this is just one of his religiously themed albums; he was an overall country star first and foremost) Check this out!

Massively eye-catching, Partridge Family bus-esque cover, don'tcha think? Let's have a closer look at that guitar (with which he played some of the fastest, most impressive country pickin' ever heard!)...

Mosrite Special. Nice choice! I've just had a look on eBay for one and there is actually a Joe Maphis double-neck signature model on there right now! (here) Asking price is $3,390.00. That is common for Mosrites now, which all seem to go for big money. Saw some that were double this price or more while looking!

Here's a pic from the back cover of Joe with his mighty axe:

 He reminds me of someone. An actor? Hmm... Any suggestions?

Here he is playing "Fire on the Strings" (he apparently plays the fiddle and banjo on it as well):


  1. That is one great cover. He's also a country music star. As you know, many of them also did gospel albums of one sort or another.

    1. Yeah, I should reword that first sentence...


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