Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do not adjust your set...

...the cover really is this blurry!

Well, at least the text is clear. Perhaps the blurriness is part of the illusion? Get it? The Illusion? Because they're called...oh, nevermind.

Varying levels of clarity on the back of this, their second album. They look like members of the Joan Jett fan club. (or vice-versa?) Heh. More info on the band here and here. It may not be a coincidence that I got this album by this Long Island band from the same stack as my album by The Good Rats, also from Long Island. Hmm...maybe there's a New Yorker in my town.

Here's their biggest hit, "Did You See Her Eyes":

Very cool! :D

And here's the opening track to this album, "How Does it Feel?":

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