Monday, September 30, 2013

Very K-tel-like

Yep, when I saw this, I figured for sure it was a K-tel compilation album, but no... It certainly has all the K-tel trademarks, though.

Nice selection of wacky numbers on this Juke Box International album[s]. Let's zoom in on that disclaimer under the tracklistings...

B'oh! :p

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Heavy, man!

Just sifting through old records at the thrift shop, minding my own business, when WHOA!

Like a psychedelic slap in the face! :) Dig them mutton chops.

A well-crafted back cover. It's "saved vinyl," as you can see by the song titles.

The usual background info and testimonials.

The instrument of his trade, including a detailed listing of effects he can use with it/them. Cool!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beauties and the Geek

Think he knew any of them before this shoot? Nah...

She looks extremely familiar...but I'm probably just thinking of some actress. (a cute one at that!) I dunno, combination of Rebeca Arthur (Mary Anne from Perfect Strangers) and Amy Pohler? Still seems way to specific to me, though.

She reminds me of Christina Applegate a bit. Anyway, continuing on...

Three of the songs are Canadian, eh!

Obligatory kudos.

More on Henry here. He had quite a career! (and wasn't Canadian!) I guess if you live here for a bit, they automatically add you to the 'local boy done good' list, or in this case, the Canadian Talent Library. Ha! :p

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

GREAT find, Part 2!

Ok, I admit I probably hyped this a little [lot?] too much in Part 1, but whatever. I know I was happy to find—included in the sleeves of the teddy bear album—these... 

...bee-you-tea-full picture discs! :) This is side one.

Here we have Geppetto putting the finishing touches on Pinocchio in his workshop. Wait, was Jiminy there before Pinocchio came to life? Hmm, can't remember...

Here's side two, featuring scenes from later on in the film. There seems to be a crack on the right-hand side there, but I don't see it on side one. I'll have to check that again. Overall, though, this and the next album are in great shape.

Here we have Lady and the Tramp, another classic.

As with the other record, side two features various scenes from the movie, including the one everyone remembers right in the middle.

It's funny because these and the teddy bear album are the only picture discs I have and they all came together. So, yeah, overhyped post, but I'm happy! :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

GREAT find, Part 1!

This is pretty cool in itself, but be sure to also check out the next post I make (soon!), which will feature the awesome BONUSES I got with this impressive package! :)

I picked this up and my first thought was 'wow, this is heavy!' It didn't have the calendar with it, but everything else is intact and the whole package is in mint shape.

What's a Bogie Man? A scary version of Humphrey Bogart? ;)

Here's the first page of the storybook to show you the format...

...and here's a collage of the rest of the pictures. (this took a while!)

When you get to the end, you have an option to join the club. I don't know if this exact one is still around (we're talking 1985, after all), but there are variations of it, it seems.

Finally, here's the record itself. Cute, innit? :)

Again, stay tuned for Part 2, where I will show you the lovely surprises I found inside...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Product placement

I love these old test/promo records. Orthophonic? Hmm, sounds like the cure for what ails me!

Testimonials. (from RCA, naturally)

I also love the ol' product line shots. I'd go with the 3HES5, especially if I could add speakers to it.