Tuesday, September 10, 2013

GREAT find, Part 2!

Ok, I admit I probably hyped this a little [lot?] too much in Part 1, but whatever. I know I was happy to find—included in the sleeves of the teddy bear album—these... 

...bee-you-tea-full picture discs! :) This is side one.

Here we have Geppetto putting the finishing touches on Pinocchio in his workshop. Wait, was Jiminy there before Pinocchio came to life? Hmm, can't remember...

Here's side two, featuring scenes from later on in the film. There seems to be a crack on the right-hand side there, but I don't see it on side one. I'll have to check that again. Overall, though, this and the next album are in great shape.

Here we have Lady and the Tramp, another classic.

As with the other record, side two features various scenes from the movie, including the one everyone remembers right in the middle.

It's funny because these and the teddy bear album are the only picture discs I have and they all came together. So, yeah, overhyped post, but I'm happy! :)


  1. I believe that's called a SCORE. Incredibly well done, sir.


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