Monday, September 24, 2018

Mind your Stacey Qs

What's better than one Stacey Q? Six of them! (spread over four albums)

Starting with the biggest, the one responsible for the huge hit "Two of Hearts", once considered by "Weird Al" Yankovic for parody, but declined by the songwriters. Therefore, she never truly made it. ;)

Cool shades, cool hair. What's not to like?

Yep, I have the Euro mix single of "Two of Hearts", in case you were wondering.

Here's her follow-up, which did well, but not nearly as well as Better Than Heaven.

Cross-arm block. A powerful defensive move in boxing. Her face is wide open, though!

And here's the hit single from Hard Machine. I dig the coat, pads and all.

Here are the two hit singles... 

Such a sweet voice! :)

I probably heard this on the TV show Full House, but I don't remember it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

You know what?

Not all disco is bad! :o 

Submitted for your approval...

Of course, I grabbed this for the cover, not knowing anything about it. Turns out it's disco...but that title track is great! Very heavy funk! Check it out!

Cool, huh? :)

Here they are on the back of the album, looking decidedly less funky:

I also picked up another album that was with it, most likely bought by the same person on the same day.

Though also funky (let's be honest, there was a lot of funk in dosco anyway), it's more like regular ol' disco and thus doesn't interest me much. I could post a video from it as well, but meh.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Return of Claude Dupras

I've posted about him before, and here he is again (obviously)...

Nice simple cover, good looking keyboard!

I tried to clean it up a bit, but the blur persists! Oops.

No mention of the Montreal Expos here. Hmm...

So cool. I'm not really into such units, but something like that, especially in white, could stop me in my tracks. :)