Friday, October 9, 2015

My first proxy post!

Or whatever one calls this sort of 

Anyway, our mutual friend Retro Hound kindly took some pics of a couple of Dave & Sugar albums he found in his thrifting travels for me to post here as a sort of follow-up to this classic (?). I had planned on doing this long ago, but had computer problems for quite a while and wasn't really able. Earlier today, I thought 'hey, I never did that proxy post!' Now I'm not not doing it!

Anyway (again), here they are! (not here [there] here, but rather, below [this sentence])

Whoa, very hairy here! Impressive do, and I think his five o'clock shadow has a five o'clock shadow. His chest does, anyway.

I'm glad it's full body shots on the back, or else we couldn't have seen those glorious boots!

Very clean-shaven, but still impressively coiffed. Dave, I mean.

Nice pic. :) Very low with the smarm quotient.

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  1. Glad you liked them, and glad you finally posted them!


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