Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pre-Sneeder Sneeze?

There are maybe 3 people on this planet that may get the title reference, but bear with me and that number will expand by several, I hope.

Nice colorful cover courtesy of Gordon! I like the name of the record company, too. Fred Penner is a legendary Canadian children's entertainer, but this was well before he really hit it big by getting his own long-running TV show.

More nice drawrings by Lori-Anne (featuring a literal ghost rider and a retractable[?] lasso) and Dale, who went with a Patrick Star sort of motif years before Patrick Star even existed! Oh, I should point out that Al Simmons, who played banjo on this, is kind of a big deal himself!

The Sneeder Sneeze I mentioned is a reference to the jaw/mouth/Jew's/etc... harp, that funny little instrument that kinda goes 'sneeder sneeze' if you play it a certain way, such as in the intro to Fred's TV show. (right around 1:07 in the video below) Behold...

He had ditched the only-steampunk-weirdos-and-just-plain-weirdos-wear-them-nowadays mustache at that point and grown himself a normal-man-not-a-guy-trying-to-prove-he's-a-man-nowadays that point. (yeah, I'm no fan of hipster beards...or their haircuts, fashion sense and even 'look at me!' attitude in general)

My brother met Fred a few years ago and we were all annoyed that he didn't get a picture with him! He gets pictures with lots of people I couldn't care less about, but no Fred?! Come on! :p

P.S. I know this is adding to an already wordy post, but you may have noticed the pics are a little bigger. Well, I finally got a bigger monitor and since everyone else had bigger monitors than me already, well, now we can all enjoy bigger pictures. And whatnot.

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