Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hosers, part one

The original hosers, Bob and Doug! Undeniably a big part of Canadian comedy history (and I believe they had a day named after them in Los Angeles!) that started out as a joke; a skit called Great White North, a.k.a. Kanadian Korner. They needed specific Canadian content on SCTV, so they came up with these guys to fill in the void. Thanks, Rick and Dave! :)

That is Hosehead wearing the red toque, I presume.

Anthem are hosers too! ;)

Fun sleeve with this album.

That 'be our guest' game on the left confounded me for a long time, as I only had a copy on cassette and didn't have the script to play along, so all I heard was a lot of long pauses. Heh.

I also have the single featuring Geddy Lee (of the band Rush) singing "Take Off", with Doug's religious turn on the other side:

More info on Bob and Doug here.

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