Saturday, March 10, 2018

How to Listen to Music

Well, not quite, but how to listen to music...better? More efficiently? Yeah.

*Apologies in advance for the smaller pictures...but they're not that bad, I guess*

CBS Laboratories (where safety is number one priority?) presents what didn't need a nice colorful, eye-catching cover, but got one anyway. So yes, this is yet another stereo setup records, but something you'll see later sets it apart from others a bit.

Again, these are very standard tests, so here comes the more interesting part...

It came with a booklet for professional test records, as opposed to the album featured in this post, which is basically for the vinyl layman. Let's look inside...

STR 100: Stereophonic Frequency Test Record
STR 112: Square Wave, Tracking and Intermodulation Test Record
STR 120: Wide Range Pickup Response Test Record
STR 130: RIAA Frequency Response Test Record
STR 140: RIAA Pink Noise Acoustical Test Record
STR 151: Broadcast Test Record

See? When you're getting into super tech RIAA and Broadcast stuff, those are records that few home consumers would ever care about or need. 

STR 170: 318 Microsecond Frequency Response Test Record
STR 101: Seven Steps to Better Listening
SQT 1100: Quadraphonic Test Record

The 318 Microsecond record isn't exactly for home use either, but those last two are, especially the STR 101 record featured in this post, which apparently cost $6.98, whereas all the other ones are $15.00 each.

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