Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A.K.A. Wixie the Pixie!

Some great info on Detroit legend Marv Welch here, including info on his various careers, all as an entertainer. He was a comedian, an early local TV star on WXYZ as children's show host Wixie the Pixie, and a singer. His lounge career is definitely at odds with that of being a kiddies' hero. If you look here, there's an autograph he wrote on a copy of this album that says 'Mary & John, Live it up & get it up & keep it up.' :p

The cover should not include these double rings. I guess someone thought it would be funny to add them. I...kinda do too. :p

Shame this copy is in bad shape.

Some more thoughts on the album here...

Interesting how it appears the two sides are quite different. I haven't listened yet, but that's some nice praise for side two.

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