Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We don't need no stinkin' banjos!

But they're back anyway.

See? Like the ukulele*, this is an instrument that also enjoyed great highs in popular music and great drops in popularity as well. In 2016, I would say both are sadly in critical condition on the pop charts. Fortunately, I couldn't care less about the pop charts. I love the banjo, especially in bluegrass, where it absolutely thrives, I tell you!

I sometimes wonder why people put check marks beside certain tracks. Favorites? Songs they have on other albums? Hit list? We'll never know.

*Just thought I'd mention the excellent documentary Mighty Uke here. It's one of the few things on IMDb I've rated 10/10. I just found it to be a perfectly entertaining doc about the uke. I learned a ton and saw plenty of impressive performances. It's an instrument to be reckoned with!


  1. I guess some people can't listen to too much of this in one sitting, so the check marks are the ones they listened to?

  2. Maybe they were choosing music for a special event. Like a wedding?

    1. Oh man, I would love to do that nowadays, when it's just a barrage of current pop tunes people hear forty times a day on the radio anyway. ;) A nice banjo tune would really liven things up.

    2. You got that right!


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