Saturday, August 20, 2016

Black vs. White

Fact: George Shearing had some of the greatest cheesecake covers of all time. Let's look at some of the proof...

To me, this may just be the sexiest, classiest cover ever made. Incredibly beautiful woman (anyone know her name?) impeccably dressed in a sea of black satin...I presume. Everything about this is perfect.

Then I found this...

By George, you've done it again!

I know which I prefer, but which do you? (prefer)


  1. Ooooh. Got to be the black satin. I just want to roll around on all of that beautiful fabric.

  2. The white. I love a redhead.

    1. I hear ya. Redheads are often the most stunning! And it was close for me, but I went black.

      It's funny, I thought sure I had posted Black Satin before on its own, but nope. Turns out these are the first Shearing posts I've made period. I have some more. One was my grandparents'. (more specifically, my grandfather's, I'm sure)


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