Friday, August 26, 2016

K-tel's Pin-Ball Rock

Was pinball ever hyphenated? I guess K-tel thought so. *shrug* Anyway, I really miss pinball! There is nowhere around me that I'm aware of where I can play it.

Funny (?) story: though I really wanted to play them growing up, I never did, and never asked if I could, because I thought they were gambling machines. :p The lights and noises fooled me, I guess. Then I found out my mother used to play them, and it was game on for me!

The front cover folds down to show the front of the machine and unobscured display. Does Google need to update Chrome's dictionary or something? Why is it underlining unobscured as I type this? (has no problem with K-tel, though...)

Well, at least the first track is pinbally.

By the way, that Action logo and font they used is an homage to the old (or current at the time) Williams logo.


  1. Nell Sedaka? Is that Neil's twin sister?

  2. Pinball Wizard by The New Seekers?


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