Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jesus Sound Explosion

Sounds like a joke, but apparently it wasn't...

Nice looking cover. I guess Explo is short for Explosion? I would've thought Exploration. (and it's an obvious take on Expo)

The headline act, Johnny Cash. I wonder if he did it for free...

Love the multiple colors...scheme. Very indicative of the period. Looks like the Partridge Family bus. :p

Johnny again with his wife June.

Alrighty, then.

According to the site, "This live album was recorded at the Explo in 1972 (Dallas, TX.) and was only available through the mail. [and the event was also televised] Life magazine had a six page article on the festival in the June 30, 1972 issue.
Other artists: Johnny Cash, The Armageddon Experience, Randy Matthews, Andrae Crouch & The Disciples, The Great Commission Company, Danny Lee & The Children Of Truth, Connie Smith, The Forerunners, Willa Dorsey, Love Song and The Speer Family."


  1. Well now! Clearly I wasn't paying enough attention to this album when I found it at the thrift store yesterday. Not every day you see two country stars on the same bill as a major gospel group. It's almost like Godstock.

    1. Yes, this one would be worth it for a Cash fan alone. There are probably a lot of his collectors that don't have it, many not even knowing about it.


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