Friday, July 26, 2013

Elvis. Presley. JUNIOR! :o

I bet you guys didn't even know he existed!

Pretty vague cover. Sure, the guy on the left is obviously supposed to be Elvis, but what's up with Tarzan?

SON Records. Cute. A play on the Junior part and a play on Sun Records, where Elvis recorded.

His being from Ontario (I'm assuming this is a local record) is not a surprise, as they hold an Elvis festival every year in Collingwood. Recorded in Reno is appropriate to the jumpsuited Elvis, though. Notice the one Junior is wearing is the same as in the painting. Ditto the belt.

Appropriate that the serial number of the album is BS 002. Haha. ;)

Father and son together, sorta. Dig them belts! The ones that Elvis Jr. and the guy on the right have on look like those skinny old wrestling belts. Or super ornate weightlifting belts. Or those old motorcycle belts.

Just for why not. I haven't listened to it yet. He better be really good to use that monicker...

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