Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unnecessary cheesecakery?

Such a beautiful cover...

Great looking woman, nice tiger (stuffed, no doubt). But as we shall determine later, was this non-Jo Ann cover necessary?

Nice selection of classics. :)

Some info on Jo Ann. Being a regular on the Lawrence Welk Show was an impressive gig!

Alrighty, now we'll take a look at Jo Ann herself...

If you ask me, that's a very nice looking lady! She has a Karen Steele vibe going on in this pic, and that's good, good thing. ;) I've looked up other covers of hers and there were several others that used random models. A few had Jo Ann on the front, including one very similar to this, but in less glamorous clothes.

Here's a great vid of her playing "Maple Leaf Rag": 


  1. Awesome! Thanks for not only putting the covers up but for also providing the history as well. Quite fun!

    1. Thanks, David! I do like to add a bit of extra info if I can. Not always possible, especially with more obscure things, but there's usually something.


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