Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Polka Dot Door!

The Polka Dot Door was a long-running kids' show produced by TVOntario in Canada. Here is one of their fine records. :)

That inscription reads "To Jennifer [and] Stephen, Keep Smiling, Love Carolann" & ...Davey? Not sure. I'm guessing it was added by whoever gave the album to Jennifer, especially as it's in a different color of ink.

This was the cast at the time, which included the mighty Denis Simpson and the also mighty Nerene Virgin (who co-hosted the MIGHTY Today's Special!) at some point. Oh look, there's Carolann! Let's have a closer look...


Here's a video of the intro to the show:


  1. Do you by chance know CarolAnn? I am trying to reach her to do an interview in my TVO Interview series.


    1. No, sorry. I've tried to find info on some of the people from the show and it's not easy! :/


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