Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rat on!

 The title of this entry is in reference to this great (?) album by Swamp Dogg at bizarrerecords.com. :)

This is actually a gatefold. Behold!

 It looks happy!

It continues on the other side and has the band on its tail. Of course, if this was done nowadays, they'd probably all be in proportion to each other and the guy on the far right would have the same contrast levels as the rest. Heh.

Here's some info from the interior left side:

I love that Speed Limit 8 M.P.H. sign! :) Lots more info about "the world's most famous unknown band" at their official site.

Wanna hear the whole shabang? Go here! It's really good! I daresay it reminds me of The Osmonds. (think "Crazy Horses", "Hold Her Tight" and such) Tough rock.

Here's the opening track:

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