Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sexy road painter


Ok, now that the K-tel-like TeeVee Records has your attention... ;)

Certainly an eye catching cover. I haven't seen lines like that on my local roads. Or roads that incredibly narrow, come to think of it. (or maybe she's the 50 foot woman?)

I have to admit, I prefer the back cover. As you can see, it's just a random 'hits of the day' album. But the question she actually holding that brush? Looks more like she is on the front cover. Very superimposy look on the back. Anyway, good attention to detail. I'd usually expect reversed colors and whatnot. :p


  1. I bought a copy of this LP last year and featured it on my blog. The cover is an enigma. As you mention, why isn't her face on the front and her butt on the back. I'll admit I never noticed the fake brush.

    What captured my attention was that she appears to have either wet or soiled herself. I thought maybe it was a printing error on my copy, until I saw another photo of this LP on another website and they were pointing out the same thing. I joked on my website that maybe a semi-truck just about hit her while she was painting the highway causing her to have an accident.

    I would like to find out more about this LP and its cover.

    1. The art itself is quite nice, I think. Simple and effective. Would probably be nigh* impossible to find out who did it and whatnot.

      *only 'nigh' because they're still in business! :o

  2. Have you seen the other 2 LP set in the series on TEE VEE? SImply called Road music and it's got an early picture
    of a B-movie actress (she appeared in a Dennis Hopper film that has Neil Young soundtrack) who has the largest
    natural breasts on a LP cover ever. It's ssweeeet. IT's all trucker music. here's a link to a small pic -

    1. No, hadn't seen that one before, but I'll keep an eye out! I don't think she'd have to hitchhike too long before she got picked up. Haha.

      All this truck drivin' talk gives me an idea for what my next post will be...

    2. Here's some more lovely cheesecake from TeeVee:


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