Friday, June 22, 2012

Behold the power of chicken!

As soon as I saw this cover (from 1972), I was reminded of the first album by a favorite comedic metal/rock band of mine called Massacration...

See what I mean? ;) This one is from 2005. Lots of fun!

Punny back cover. You know, cuz they're Tower of Power...and the band members' pictures are arranged in a tower... Well, a shapely pyramid, anyway. :p

It's a great album, which I may not have known much about by now had a friend of mine not played some of their stuff, including the first track "You Got to Funkifize", in jazz band in high school. They did a nice job with it, too! :)

More info on Tower of Power at their official site, here. Watch "You Got to Funkifize" here:

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