Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Un-promotion

Similar to the Cadbury promo album I posted earlier this month is this groovy 7 Up album:

Dig that far out artwork, man!

A bicycle wheel? Perhaps this was a prize for paperboys? :p

I've looked up what they mean by 'rally caps' and it seems to have been a 'look under the cap' contest type deal.

Here are a couple of vintage examples, both being from the early 70's:


  1. Why does this album have SO many more views than any other I've posted? :p

  2. This was the first album I ever owned.
    I won it by going through the trash barrels at my corner tavern and collecting bottle caps.
    The little rubber thingies had pictures of traffic signs- yeild, merge, etc. You had to collect the right combination of images to win prizes. The l.p. was the lowest-valued prize. I think the big prize was a car.
    Unfortunately, my grandmother accidentally sat on the album and broke it.I haven't heard it in 40 years.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.(Or is that Trash-Can Lane?)

    1. Thanks for the story! Helps explain some details I had been wondering about. You were certainly determined to win something in their contest! :)


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