Saturday, April 7, 2012

A question for my "followers"

Just thought I'd ask you guys a couple of questions:

1. Do you have a record player and/or records?

2. What would you consider some of the gems of your collection?

Looking forward to your comments! :)


  1. 1a.) Yes I have one that came w/my KENWOOD system but never used it so its sitting in a box downstairs. 1b.) I own about 10 records some never played..(Ace F.,Paul S.,F.Zappa J. Garage,)
    2)the Osmond's CRAZY HORSES,F.ZAPPA sealed,Ace F. singles/sealed,Paul S. singles/sealed,ANVIL BITCH self titled/clear disc,T.Amos Under the Pink/PINK disc, K.Bush the Kick Inside/marble disc.

  2. "Crazy Horses" is a great album! I especially love their song "Hold Her Tight", which is the opener on that one. Paul Gilbert, one of my favorite guitarists, does a nice cover of it, but it isn't as good as the original.

    Here's Paul's version:

  3. 1) Yes I have about 300+ records and a sweet vintage system

    2) Oh man were do I start......... Manmade (a prog band from Montreal, Heavy Horses (Tull) that I bought back in the 70"s, How to Develop Your ESP by Alan Spragert, the first Rolling Stones record to be released in Canada. mint with poster, scored from a garage sale, I could go on and on

    1. "I could go on and on"

      I know what you mean. :) I don't think I could ever pick one favorite myself. Some mean way more than others, but...?

      I would say some definite 'top of the heap' albums for me are my two Emo Philips LPs and all my Huevos Rancheros stuff. They're a surf band from Calgary that always had outstanding album art to go with the great music.

  4. I've got about 700 albums.

    I've recently sold off a bunch, so maybe I should make that 500. A gem I still have is Roky Erickson and the Aliens in VG+ condition. I also have a couple LP sized EPs of U2 that are songs not used on The Joshua Tree. I bought them while in Germany, have never seen them here in the States.

    1. I love finding stuff not available locally. A lot of my Huevos Rancheros vinyl (mentioned above) was printed in Britain and some of it seems to be sold exclusively there, from what I can tell. Seems odd considering they're from Alberta, Canada and recorded in Seattle.


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