Friday, September 9, 2011

Timely reminders!

First, a slight repost from the lower left corner of the back cover of Nightwing's "Black Summer":

How would one illustrate a torrent with crossbones? ;) Anyway, I think that would make a great avatar!

Speaking of borderline* obsolescence, here's part of the back cover of The Best of Django Reinhardt, Vol. 2:

 I can attest to their statement that it still sounds fine and dandy!

*I'm sure there are still two or three people out there that copy borrowed vinyl onto cassette tapes. ;)


  1. Can I get a better quality pic of the home taping thing? That's stinkin' fantastic! mrpontiac at

    Just going through some of you old stuff, I really like this blog. Be sure to check mine out, I've got a lot of album covers also.

  2. I had a really hard time getting that pic in focus for some reason. I just did a Google image search for 'home taping' and there are a bunch of them, but I might try scanning mine to get a better quality version.

    I believe I've been to your site before, actually. I just bookmarked it to explore further later on. :)

  3. Thanks, I found several thousand once I did a search. I like the variation that says "Downloading is killing home taping."

    1. I like that one. :) I don't remember seeing it in my brief search. Wouldn't mind getting one of them on a shirt.


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