Thursday, September 1, 2011

The master of fashion, Nick Lowe!

Here's a fun one! :)

Lots of cool outfits and guitars. I especially like that Rickenbacker bass on the lower right.

Here's the best outfit of all, though, found on the back cover:

I always loved The Riddler's suit as opposed to the spandex thingy. This isn't an exact replica or anything, but still very cool! Would've been even nicer with the hat.

This album was originally entitled "Jesus of Cool" in the UK, but was [understandably] renamed for the North American market. The track listing was also different. More info here.

Anyway, it doesn't appear on this particular album, but here's a great Nick Lowe hit, "Cruel To Be Kind".

More info on Nick himself here. (his middle name is Drain?!)

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