Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prototype for success...

...that didn't really come. But man, they sure deserved it! Great album!

Mine doesn't have a sleeve with it, but fortunately, the album wasn't damaged with all those holes in the back. :p

They were a six piece band from Alberta and this was their only album, released in 1983. It's quality synth rock and pop. Apparently, guitarist Dan Lowe headed the project. He invented the major innovation of Q-Sound. Vocals are performed by Doug Riley, who sounds excellent.

Jerry Adolphe - drums, percussion
Dan Lowe - guitar
Ted Alexander - keyboards, vocals
Doug Riley - lead vocals
Brian Island - bass, vocals
Brad Steckel - guitar, bass, vocals

Check out their fun song about the video game/arcade craze called "Video Kids":

Also, check out this blog post from Raised on Canadian Radio, which was a help.


  1. Wish I could find a flac rip of this lp, maybe I will find the record somewhere :-)

    1. Your saying 'flac' makes me wonder if the 192kb/s rip I just found is out of the question for you... :p

    2. Where can one find it? ;-)

    3. I found it on Soulseek. There might be more options by now, but at the time that I checked, there was one user with the 192 rip, and it sounds great!

      Looking back at this post, I should re-do the pictures sometime. It's hard with all that black, but I'm sure I could do better.


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