Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dr. Music

Sounds like the name of a used record store, but no, it's this...

The group name and title almost sound like a children's group, but no, obviously not. I haven't listened to it yet, but in getting these pics ready for this post, there's something on the back that really makes me want to look into it...

A track called "Gandalf"? Normal people don't name tracks after Lord of the Rings! Prog rockers or psychadelic folk rockers do! So...yeah, I really need to look into this. (P.S. Love that font! Look at the way they put the Ls together in Mallory, Jollimore and Tallman! Anyone know what it's called?)

*looking into this* (seriously, I'm going to Google right now)

Ok, here's some interesting info on Dr. Music from their wiki page: "Bedtime Story consisted of jazz compositions by Riley and his band members, Claude Ranger and Don Thompson, and belonged to the genre of progressive jazz rock." And from that link in their name: "The album was generally more progressive than his previous outings, with a heavier guitar-oriented sound. The songs were longer, and more complex..." :o

Here's the track "Gandalf":

Not quite what I was hoping for (I listened to some others as well), but great musicianship and energy!

And now I'm looking into the drummer on this album, Claude Ranger. Legendary, it turns out, not only because of his playing, but because he disappeared in 2000! Read about it here!

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