Thursday, February 16, 2017

There is no "i' in team...

...but there is in The Simmons Team!

Love that it's Team, and not Group, or Band, or Family, etc... Unique. :) And as with many groups (sorry, teams) like this, they have great instruments! (not greta, as I originally typed. Is there a musical instrument company called Greta? Looks like Rick is playing a Gretsch, so that's kinda close.)

Judging by the names of those pictured and those in the Musicians section, I'm guessing the Musicians are of the session variety, and perhaps those pictured are of the touring/studio assistance variety? Hmm...

Sadly, I can find almost nothing about them or Rick himself other than this listing for the album. It does show a second album of theirs, and I'm guessing it's earlier, before they became a team. ;)

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