Monday, May 30, 2016

Mystery solved!

I've wanted to post this one for a while, but I had some investigating to do.

Saw this at a Goodwill in Barrie, Ontario (gone now, sadly) and was going to buy it based on the cover alone, but...'s the back that got me excited/curious! Lots of interesting bands, brought to us by Lou, Macko and Soupy (thanks, guys!), but...

...Teaze is one I actually know and enjoy. :) I saw this picture and thought 'ok, some of the faces look familiar, but why is there a woman in the group?' I held off posting the album so that I could hopefully find an answer. I sent a message to the Teaze Facebook page, and their drummer, Mike Kozak, sent me the following info:

"That was actually the band minus Brian with Lynne Serridge (now Mrs. Bradac) and bassist Mitch Taylor. It was to be a new band but we ended up using the name thinking it would help us along. It didn't. The band did a number of demos which I thought were pretty promising but didn't get enough interest to get a deal. In retrospect, it only confused things with the Teaze name whereas a new name may have attracted some attention."

Thanks again, Mike! :)

Have you heard their hit "Sweet Misery"? Well, hear it now! It's a good'un!

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