Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Big Brother is watching...

...and he's jamming with Eurythmics!

This was a cool find, flipping through the other albums and whoa!

Interesting story on the album here. Things didn't exactly go smoothly.

Here's the first single, which was a hit:


  1. I remember this album (it had a promo sticker on the shrink wrap that read CENSORED BY THE THOUGHT POLICE)

    I thought it was a commissioned project that fell in their laps, a concept album they weren't expecting to make. But these things can go either way and they thought maybe it was better to just do it anyway and see what happens. A lot of Eurythmics fans don't even know about this album (some of them have all the "hit" albums, but not this one.) It didn't sound creatively like they were REALLY wanting to make this album, but they did it just the same, which compared to what could have happened isn't so bad (Can you imagine Huey Lewis and The News or Cyndi Lauper making this soundtrack?)

    The single from this LP, "Sexcrime" received generous airplay on Seattle's legendary KJET, KJET also played a lot of hard to find Eurythmics related imports stateside (such as "Darling Don't Leave Me" Robert Gohrl w/ Annie Lennox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzKlCII0kT8 )

    1. Thanks for the extra insights, Larry! And no, I don't think Cyndi would've worked, as Big Brother would not allow girls to have fun. (and The News is supplied by Big Brother, so that wouldn't have worked either)


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