Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Out-Osmonding the Osmonds

Simple, catchy cover. (it's pronounced LAY-he, by the by)

I like how they use colons after fiddling and step-dancing. In the top picture, you'll see the parents of this brood, Frank and Julie, and their slacker son Angus. I wonder if there was any confusion when calling Angus or Agnes. I also wonder why they did flash photography at what appears to be dusk. I guess it was light out when they started, but with that many kids...

The Leahys are still at it! Check out their site.

It's funny, now that I'm seeing the site and that they simply call themselves Leahy, I thought 'oh yeah, I've heard that name before!' All I could think of is that guy from Trailer Park Boys, and I don't even watch it. :p (spelled Lahey in that case, but pronounced the same)

According to their wiki page, Donnell Leahy is married to fellow fiddler Natalie MacMaster. I have a connection to her! My mother catered a party for her! Haha. :p

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