Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bad news from the local Salvation Army

The annoying part is they've raised the price again; they are now $1 each. You may be thinking 'that's dirt cheap!', and it generally is, but when you've been buying them there 3 for $1 for so long, that's just...*sigh*

Here's the BAD part: when I asked how they expect to get rid of the albums by raising the price, the cashier said they are now putting out only the albums they feel are the best ones! Obviously, that is highly subjective selection. And since you all know I love the goofy albums, which they will no doubt deem as the undesirable ones, my usual record purcahses will be going in the garbage bin.

I am going to be speaking to a friend of mine in there (who probably has nothing to do with the pricing, but has more sway than anyone) and seeing if something can be done about it. I've bought hundreds, if not thousands, of records there over the years and to hear this is massively disappointing. I'm going to see if I'll somehow be able to look through the ones they deem as not fit to put on the shelves. (of their super ritzy establishment)

I'm hoping if I can look through them, I'll find a copy of Joyce (yeah, I know, supremely unlikely), and either get it for free or buy it for $1, then say 'have you any idea how much this "garbage" album is worth?!'


  1. I can't stand the thought of any but the most scratched up moldy albums being thrown out. There is no way to know what people will want, goofy, lounge, etc has some real classics that will get missed by people not deeply familiar with those areas.

    1. Yep, many will be disappointed, especially if they also ask why the price has gone up like I did.

      As a consolation, the thrift shop down the street still has them 5 for $1, and I don't think that'll change anytime soon.

    2. Okay, I went today and talked to the guy that looks after such things and he said he'd put the "undesirables" aside for me to look through. He was really nice about it, actually. I hope that if any others ask they get a chance to peruse as well. (just thinking of my fellow vinylheads)

  2. Update, Dec. 10, 2017: They're still $1 each, but they put out everything. This segregation thing actually didn't last too long. Maybe they realized that yeah, they have plenty of room anyway.


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