Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ventures and nipples...

...should not mix! >:-(

So bad, they called them The New Ventures. Couldn't even show the model's whole face! Haha. Fortunately, they went back to the GOOD ol' Ventures in short order. The worst part of it is that it doesn't even sound like them. It just sounds like any tired old disco junk with a wee bit of guitar here and there. Could've been anyone! HWARF!

More nipplage on the back. :p

Aaaaanyway, despite it being a horrible album, I'm still a big fan of The Ventures and was happy to find this pile. Heh. Many respectable groups had a disco album and they're allowed a mistake here and there as well.

I'd post a video, but...nah.


  1. Much as I love The Ventures in any of their incarnations, I have to say...that melted ice cream all over the cover made me lose my appetite. I'm picking up a lot of symbolism from it, though. The '70s was truly a rocky road for The Ventures. I have Superstar Revue on 45 and yeah...not a favorite. But the TV themes they did around that time ROCKED.

    1. Good pun about the rocky road. ;) It's true, though; things got much harder for instrumental bands from that time on. I was so happy there was a surf revival around the time of Pulp Fiction, but of course, like all good things, it didn't last long.


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