Thursday, February 6, 2014


...or something like that.

Am I right?!
(but seriously, nice vibrant, well designed cover!)

The back cover is equally striking. I don't know if he's putting those collars on or taking them off. Either way, he should be ashamed of himself! Haha. ;)

I haven't listened to it yet, but it turns out it's an outfit led by Joel Diamond and it's...bluegrass disco! (?!) I love bluegrass, but generally avoid disco. Combining the two sounds interesting. Gotta take it for a spin!

Their take on "Tennessee Waltz." I...kinda like it! :) I mean, if I had to listen to disco for some reason, this would be ideal. Now I want to put on the rest of it.

Check out some info on Joel Diamond here. Wow, quite a list of people he has produced! Lots of cheese, but good cheese. Heh.


  1. Yeah, I find it interesting, but as with anything disco, even mixed with music I like, I could only take it in small doses.

  2. I'm not usually into bluegrass, but being born in the '70s has given me a pretty high threshold of disco. So yeah, at least from a genetic standpoint, I liked this. Hey, it's better than Ethel Merman.

    1. Ah, Ethel Merman... My collection won't be complete until I get some of her LPs. Haha. :)

  3. Her Disco Album is the only one you'll need. TRUST me on this.


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