Monday, February 10, 2014

Debby can sing whatever she wants!

As Borat would say, wawaweewa!

Classy, simple back cover.

You ain't kidding about the outward beauty, Dino! I wonder if maybe I've seen any of those commercials he mentioned...

Turns out the Dino in question is Dino Kartsonakis. Also turns out he and Debby (Keener) got divorced after seven years. I dunno the circumstances, but still, Malachi 2:16, guys. :p


  1. Interesting. She got amazing eyes! I wouldn't divorce her! Good call on the Malachi verse! My wife and I are approaching 22 years together and we're still crazy about each other.

    1. Congrats! :) Hey, did you do something different when commenting on this one? The other three were posted by RetroHound, but this one was Just a different 'Reply as' choice?

  2. Or maybe Google+. That's why I've been commenting under my actual name and not "Keeper Of Records." Thanks for blowing my cover, Google.

  3. Yeah, another reason why Google controlling everything now isn't such a hot idea. :p

  4. I don't know why, but this post seems to draw more attention than others. i'm thinking I should redo the pictures to conform to the newer style; i.e. make them bigger!


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