Friday, October 18, 2013

The Conn Man

Interesting pose. :p "Hey George, give us an 'I've just been riding a horse all day' sort of thing." Heh. Seriously, though, I like the cover. Kinda sci-fi/electrogeek. (is that a term? Well, it is now.)

500,000 organs in homes? Not anymore, sadly. We had one, and also inherited one from my grandparents, but once you realize that they take up space and you'll just never play it and maybe someone else would enjoy it more than you, well, just try giving it away. Not always easy. You should see the awesome stereo unit that we got rid of the other day! Actually, I just remembered I took pics when we tried to sell it. (more than once) Lemme dig one (or four) up...

Yeah, that's a ceramic tiled bar, with mirror and lights! Sadly, it's probably at the dump now... We tried many times to give it a good home, both by selling and giving it away, but no one wanted it, and it took up a lot of room here. The thing is, no one wants beautiful furniture like this anymore. I wish I could've repurposed it somehow, but oh well. :/

Anyway, here's Mr. Wright's weapon of choice, the Conn Electric Organ:

A thing of beauty. :) Love that speaker with it. I see them go for TONS of money on the pawn and picker shows sometimes. (probably more than the organ itself) Apparently, they sound great. One I saw had a speaker that rotated at high speed and gave it a very wide, unique sound.

Well, this post turned out to be more interesting that I thought it would be!


  1. Well, here's a little MORE interesting: that rotary speaker you're talking about? It's called a Leslie, and that's what's in that speaker box next to the organ. It works pretty much the way you say it does.

    Hammond organs are the ones that fetch the bucks. Conns like this one, not so much. Irony: although Leslies were created for Hammond organs, Hammond refused to accept them as a legitimate accessory for decades.

    Shame about that stereo. Was that a Grundig?

    1. Yes, a Leslie! Couldn't think of it when I wrote about it. I'd love to hear one someday. (the chances are slim, I know)

      The old stereo is a Kuba. It's West German, around mid-60s, I'd say. I'm looking up info now... Ok, I just looked through every Kuba picture at and didn't see it, so I've sent them a bit of info and some pics. Maybe they'll know the model number and whatnot. (I didn't take a pic of the back for some reason)


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