Saturday, June 1, 2013

The dog days of summer

...are here and it isn't even summer yet. Sweet mercy was it annoyingly hot and humid here today! :p Anyway...

Cute cover. No info, though. Let's take a look at the back...

Nothin'. Couldn't get my camera to focus properly, either. That text in the top right corner is just the album number.

The name of the group and album title is on the spine, but mine is actually a bit damaged, so I could only guess at the full name[s]! :p I guess I'll have to look in the gatefold (and what if it was sealed? Haha.)...

Aha! Duffy. "Just in Case You're Interested..." Yes, I am! The funny thing is, it only lists their first names. No idea who is who in the pic, either. I had to go to the internet to find out more. (I had to be specific and add the album title, since there's also the current British pop tart Duffy) Turns out this is a British hard rock album from 1971. The lineup comprises: Stuart Reffold (vocals), Barry Coote (guitar), Joe Nanson (keyboards), Patrick Sarjeant (bass), Will Wright (drums).

Here's the excellent "Rock Solid" (but you'll really want to hear the whole album!):

Odd connection I just discovered!: Whilst looking at the pop singer Duffy's wiki entry (again, here), it turns out her full name is Amie Ann Duffy. The fourth track of Side 1 of this album is called..."Amie"! :o She was only born in 1984, so I wonder if maybe her parents liked this album and...nahhhhh. :p

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