Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wonder how this would fly today...

Sally[berry] Field[s] Forever!

Fun (and, let's face it, silly) album featuring Sally singing songs from the show.

Here are the liner notes, as borrowed from the Stax o' Wax blog:

Sally Field is many things, including a typical American girl and a marvelous young actress; but she never, in her wildest dreams, thought that she would become a singer. Strangely enough, for many years Sally has had a secret longing to "...sing in a musical, either a movie or on Broadway." And seeing that Julie Andrews is Sally's personal "idol," it's not a bit surprising that she aspired to become a singer. Usually the dream and the reality are millions of miles apart. But, after listening to this album, I'm sure you'll agree, Sally's off to a flying start.

Gloria Stavers, Editor of 16 Magazine

And here's the opening of the show, for your viewing pleasure. More info on Sally herself here.

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