Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, sorta punk...

 Just like every character had a disco album at one time, lots had punk albums too.

Here are the tracks they cover, as written on the back:

Side One:

Let's Go - R. Ocasek
Good Girls Don't - D. Fieger
How Do I Make You - B. Feinberg
Refugee - T. Petty / M. Campbell
Frustrated - D. Fieger / B. Averre

Side Two:

Call Me - D. Harry / G. Moroder
You May Be Right - B. Joel
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - F. Mercury
My Sharona - D. Fieger / B. Averre

Yyyyyyyyeaaaaah... Lots of punks there, especially Billy Joel, Freddie Mercury and Tom Petty. :p

More info here, including the fact that it went GOLD!

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