Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ask your mother...

...or possibly your grandmother what it was like when Leif ruled the teen mags. :p

Why don't kids dress like that now? Actually, they only dressed like that on album covers back then, so...

Lots of covers, lots of teeth. ;)

Kids like this were the Justin Biebers of their day, yet didn't have such outright hatred directed at them. I'm sure that's partially because there was no internet to spread that hatred. (plus, society was better overall back then) I'm no Bieber fan, but I realize that he's a FLASH IN THE PAN and don't understand the need to spend half the day cursing him out on internet forums he'll never see anyway. No need to angry up the blood like that. *shaking fist at internet morons* Besides, I'd rather spend my time complaining about all the [usually questionable] revisions made to the original Star Wars trilogy. ;)

Anyway, more info on Leif here.


  1. I think my sister had this album and I would occationally wear my shirt like that, even though I had no business at 118 lbs doing it.

    1. I doubt Leif is any more than 118 himself there. Heh. :p


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