Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sold lots of records

I decided to put a bunch of my records (mostly the ones of lesser interest) in a garage sale yesterday. My rough estimate was around 800 of them. I figure I sold maybe 200 of them? No idea. Probably gonna do another one in September and try and sell more.

This doesn't mean anything for the blog, as I'll still post new stuff. As I said, it was stuff of lesser interest, and I still have a TON of albums I've taken pictures of but haven't posted yet. I appreciate having more room now, so I may not buy as indiscriminately now, but I don't plan to stop altogether, either. If I see something weird enough, I'll grab it. ;)

This was well after the initial rush. I also didn't know if I'd have time to get things ready properly, so they weren't mentioned in the newspaper ad we got or on the signs I put up around town. In that sense, I did pretty well, seeing as no one knew about them beforehand. :p

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