Sunday, July 1, 2018

Canada Day post?

Since it's Canada Day (which is supposed to be about commemorating the joining of several provinces to some blah blah whatever, but it's really just copying July 4th, I figure, just like they copied Thanksgiving, right...?), why not a Canada-centric post? Gotta find something really Canadian...


Ok, here!

Ok, not the most fascinating subject, but certainly Canadian! ;) Nice simple, well-designed cover.

A sad note at the end about caller Ernie Levesque. And now I'm wondering if my old friend (and boss) Des, who himself was a caller for square and ballroom line dancing for decades, would've known of Ernie, but I can't ask him, as he died quite a few years ago himself. :/ I'll have to ask his wife sometime. I'm sure they met many people in the field over the years.

I wouldn't say that square dancing is really my thing, but there's no denying the skill and cooperation involved! When you so real pros doing it, it's almost as good as any other form of synchronized dancing and fun to watch. I'd even liken it to my favorite form of motorsport, rally racing, where the driver is the dancer and the co-driver is the caller. ;) When they're really in sync, good things happen.

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