Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gussying up COMPLETE!

Well, after checking every post here, all the old previously Photobucket and Imageshack pictures have been replaced! It affected nearly every post from the beginning in 2011 up to April 2012. Thanks, morons! (not you, the photo hosting services)

Beyond that, I fixed some formatting issues here and there (it was really messed up for Firefox users for a while), meaning everything is more streamlined and easier to see due to the pictures being slightly larger in many cases (!), and I made sure the links to YouTube videos still work, and have replaced them with new ones accordingly.

And now, I still have to dig up my album by The Karlins to add some bigger versions of the pictures!


  1. You have more tenacity than I do. When Webshots quit hosting pictures and I lost all mine I pretty much gave up my blog. There were a few other things too, but that was just such a huge obstacle.

    1. It wasn't too bad. Took maybe 6-8 hours or so, spread out over a few days. All the files are just the number from the camera, so it was like HPIM1206, etc... Very easy to find them on the computer and swap them out. Maybe around 100 or so pictures in total.


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