Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fixing old posts

I just realized while doing a search here that in the earliest days of this blog, I was using Photobucket to host pictures. That was a big mistake, as their greed/desperation has caused broken links as far as the eye can see, since they made hotlinking a paid privilege now. If you've seen their prices, you'll understand why very few will ever pay, and are now stuck with the following image in place of everything they ever uploaded through Photobucket...

Since June 26, 2017, this has become perhaps the hottest picture on the entire internet! More info here if you're curious.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, since I still have all the pictures saved to my hard drive, I'm going to try and fix those old posts so that people can actually, you know, see the album that's posted in a particular album blog post. :p

Update, Dec. 9, 2017: Looks like this affected all of the 2011 posts (some were Imageshack too, which is also useless) up to April 2012.

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